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La Mandorle

Family business created in 1989, La Mandorle has been the first organic almond milk producer in France.

La Mandorle has been conceiving since always milk free and gluten free products made with almonds and dry fruits. A wide range of drinks is proposed to answer to several consumption habits: vegetal beverages, complete breakfasts and culinary preparations. (See more)


4Care Balance
Founded in 2003 by experts in nutrition science, 4Care trust and enthusiasm to follow directions that health and a clean environment are factors that are important for a good life of man..   (See more)

Vitamont is the first brand to be certified organic producer of the juices of fruits and vegetables, right after 1 year the company was established in 1986.   (See more)

Family Tree
Family Tree has developed organic rice pasta made from genuine organic process, keeping all ingredients natural with no addition of color, chemicals or preservatives..(See more)

With our know-how since 1936 the MARKAL brand has developed around our core product: bulgur (cracked wheat, parboiled). It was around this expertise in cooking and working cereal that our brand is built (wheat, oats, spelled, soybeans ... are much grain as we worked)...   (See more)

In the saline and downstream areas of the Mekong River in Tra Vinh province, with a specific climate, one season of salt water and one freshwater season has formed a tradition of rice-shrimp cultivation, in which the rice crop lasts   (See more)