In the saline and downstream areas of the Mekong River in Tra Vinh province, with a specific climate, one season of salt water and one freshwater season has formed a tradition of rice-shrimp cultivation, in which the rice crop lasts. from August to December each year and the shrimp farming season lasts from February to July next year. Here, farmers do not use chemical drugs because it will affect the fishery resources that give higher income than rice. Taking advantage of these favorable conditions, this place has been chosen to produce VietSuisse organic rice, fully meet the organic standards of Europe (USA), USA (USDA-NOP) and Japan. (JAS) and has been certified by the Netherlands' Control Union.


The combination of specialty rice varieties, strict organic care procedures and specific natural conditions have contributed to the quality of VietSuisse organic rice, which is fragrant, rich and rich in natural minerals.