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From October 23rd to November 1st, 2023, the 'Italian Organic Week in Vietnam' took place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, attracting individuals interested in eco-friendly consumption and sustainable health.

The event was sponsored by the European Union and co-organized by Italy's Bioagricoop, Organic City Project of Italy, the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, and Phan Nguyen Import-Export Investment Company Limited - providing an excellent opportunity for Vietnamese consumers to experience and access high-quality organic products from Italy and Poland.

The event marked a new milestone in the collaboration between Vietnam and Italy
This event served not merely as a series of promotional activities but as a platform for connection, cooperation, and learning. It provided an opportunity for organic food enthusiasts to experience over 100 diverse products, ranging from various pasta, cereals, and cheeses to fresh juices and baby food, coming from ten reputable Italian and Polish brands: BARTOLINI, BIO PLANET, BIO JUNIOR, GERMINAL, SIMA BIO, CERRETO, GRANDA TRADIZIONI, BIO ORTO, KORAD GARDEN, and KUPIEC, all products met international organic standards.

Opportunities to Experience High-Quality Organic Products
During the event, there were 'Product Exhibition and Tasting' activities held at four major organic stores: Tomato, Xanh Sẫm, Leaf Organic (in Hanoi), and Roots - Organic Store and Juice Bar (in Ho Chi Minh City). Here, a variety of high-quality organic products from Italy and Poland were introduced to Vietnamese consumers

Display and Sampling at Leaf Organic

Display and Sampling at Tomato Food

Display and Sampling at Xanhsam

Display and Sampling at Roots

Seminar Connecting Knowledge and Sharing Experiences
Alongside the opportunity to experience high-quality organic products, the Italian Organic Week featured two seminars aimed at connecting, exchanging ideas, and sharing experiences among representatives from the European Union, retailers, importers, and journalists in Vietnam. These workshops aimed to enhance understanding of organic development in Europe, European organic agriculture systems, European organic certification standards, and the values and benefits of high-quality organic products from Italy and Poland.

The seminar shared knowledge and experiences in the field of organic agriculture.

Ricardo Cozzo, President of Italy's Bioagricoop organization, highlighted Italy's rich history in organic agriculture and organic product manufacturing. Organic products from Italy are widely popular and consumed due to their high quality and nutritional value.

"The Italian government has implemented numerous initiatives to encourage farmers to transition from traditional agriculture to organic farming. Additionally, many organizations and associations promote the production and consumption of organic products in Italy. Italian organic agricultural products participate in European international organic certification systems, ensuring strict compliance with standards for production, processing, and transportation," emphasized Ricardo Cozzo.

The Italian Organic Week in Vietnam was not just an event; it was a remarkable opportunity for consumers to experience organic products and gain a deeper understanding of their origins and the significance behind each product. This initiative aimed to enhance the quality of daily life, promote sustainable consumption, advocate for human health, and contribute to a greener environment and a sustainable planet.

Phan Nguyen would like to express gratitude to Bioagricoop and the Organic City Project for choosing Vietnam as the destination in Asia to promote and introduce high-quality certified organic products from Italian and Polish brands in the European Union. Phan Nguyen is truly proud, honored, and deeply appreciative of the trust given by Bioagricoop and Italy's Organic City Project in selecting Phan Nguyen to organize the 'Italian Organic Week' event in Vietnam.

Phan Nguyen sincerely thanks the support and interest of esteemed partners and customers for this event. Also, appreciation is extended to the media organizations for their coverage and contribution, spreading the event's significance widely in the community, providing great meaning and value in promoting sustainable living and eco-friendly consumption.

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