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What is organic living? How to adopt an organic lifestyle?


When we think of an organic lifestyle, the first thing that comes to mind is probably organic food. However, living organically and adopting this lifestyle is not limited to just that. So what does living organically mean? How can you start living an organic lifestyle? Phan Nguyen will give you some basic suggestions to follow this sustainable lifestyle.

First, change your mindset and think green
To start living an organic lifestyle, you need to start with your inner thoughts. First, you need to change your daily environment, state of mind, and habits from your thoughts and actions. From there, when you implement this, you will see a change in both physical and mental aspects. Especially when you live organically, you are protecting the earth, not just for yourself but also for future generations.

To make these changes, you need to be patient. If you see differences in your life or others are destroying your efforts, don't be discouraged but become a better version of yourself. You can do things like throwing trash in the trash can, using an environmentally friendly vehicle, and utilizing solar energy. This not only helps you save resources but also can save your living expenses.

An organic lifestyle must start from your mindset

Secondly - Organic food

One of the main points of having an organic lifestyle is to consume organic food. When you use organic food or grow your own organic vegetables, you are contributing to sustainable development.

Organic farming is the oldest method of natural food cultivation. Nowadays, to obtain organic certification for food or products, a strict process is required for cultivation, care, breeding, and preservation. As we often know, organic products do not contain chemicals, growth hormones, or stimulants. This will help people avoid consuming harmful foods.

Therefore, when you use organic food, not only are you using food with good nutritional value, but you are also ensuring the health of both the consumers and the producers. The benefits of organic food are indisputable if you want to switch to this lifestyle.

Using organic cleaning products helps protect the environment and your health

Thirdly - Using organic cleaning products 

To live in a green and safe environment, you should use organic cleaning products and avoid using toxic cleaning products such as floor cleaners, air fresheners, and toilet bowl cleaners. Common cleaning products contain many harmful chemicals that can affect your health through skin contact or inhalation.

Therefore, replacing chemical cleaning products with organic cleaning products is one of the most effective ways to ensure your daily safety and health.

Fourthly - Using organic cosmetics 

The cosmetics we use daily can penetrate the skin and cause many health risks. To switch to a healthy organic lifestyle, you should use organic cosmetics such as organic shower gel, organic shampoo, organic toothpaste, sunblock, and especially skin care products for women. You should carefully choose the products you use because many cosmetics contain heavy metals that can harm your skin and even cause cancer if used for a long time. It is best to use certified organic products from reputable organizations.

Using organic cosmetics for beauty is a trend that many young people choose.

Number 5 - Use organic clothing
If all the above suggestions are familiar to you, using organic clothing may not be well-known in Vietnam. However, if you want to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, start with using organic clothing. Therefore, wearing organic clothing is an essential element in this sustainable lifestyle.

Synthetic fabrics that do not absorb sweat can cause rashes, especially those that contain toxic substances that can cause cancer, should not be used. They are harmful not only to the wearer but also to the environment.

Choosing organic clothing is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and in Vietnam, it is also beginning to gain traction. We can switch to using clothes made from organic cotton, wool, silk, linen, and other materials such as nettle to protect our health and follow an organic lifestyle.

What is an organic lifestyle?
Through the information above, we hope to help you understand this concept better. We also hope that more Vietnamese people can understand and adopt the green and organic lifestyle. By providing organic products, Phan Nguyen hopes to bring about a change in the mindset and lifestyle of Vietnamese consumers, and for a green and sustainable world.

We also hope for the partnership of our agents to spread the green and organic lifestyle to many consumers throughout the country.

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