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The members of Phan Nguyen's Ho Chi Minh branch office had an exciting vacation at the beach in Phan Thiet.

Phan Thiet beach welcomed the Phan Nguyen family with beautiful sunny days and clear blue waters, white sands, and golden sunshine that warmed the heart. The trip went smoothly and joyfully.

Here, the members of Phan Nguyen Ho Chi Minh branch had a memorable trip participating in a Teambuilding program and a Gala Dinner by the beach in Phan Thiet. They enjoyed a beautiful day with clear blue water, white sand, and golden sunshine. The trip went smoothly and was full of joy.

During the program, the Phan Nguyen members had a night to remember with a Gala Dinner right by the romantic beach of Phan Thiet. They enjoyed special performances from professional singers from the Phan Nguyen family, and had a great time laughing together with games such as the Dance of Disguise, the Fattening of the Fortune God, Rap IQ, and the Culinary Hoop game organized by the event organizers.

The Phan Nguyen Ho Chi Minh family participated together in a team building program with a lot of competitive games that had a strong flavor of "rowing and crossing streams". The challenges required the teams to overcome obstacles both under water and on land, thereby fostering team bonding and the spirit of teamwork within the Phan Nguyen Ho Chi Minh family.

The Phan Nguyen HCM family continued their journey to famous tourist destinations in Phan Thiet such as the Ta Cu Mountain Cable Car Tourist Area, Bau Trang - Bau Sen (Mui Ne), Suoi Tien, Wine Castle, etc. The beautiful ladies had plenty of opportunities to take photos here, capturing the beautiful moments together.

Hope that the recent trip will leave beautiful memories for the Phan Nguyen Ho Chi Minh family.

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