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Phan Nguyen - A pioneering organic product distributor in Vietnam


Phan Nguyen is a pioneering importer and distributor of organic products in Vietnam. We bring a love, passion, and determination to pursue organic products. Our desire is to bring the best quality and most affordable organic products to Vietnamese consumers.

Reason for founding Phan Nguyen
Phan Nguyen was founded in 2017 when a series of information about contaminated food was exposed, and the origins and sources of organic and non-organic products were confusing. This made it difficult for many Vietnamese consumers to find certified organic products that ensured their credibility.

Phan Nguyen - A pioneering organic product distributor in Vietnam

At that time, only a few imported organic products appeared in some stores, but their prices were high. With the desire to bring Vietnamese people organic products with clear origins, certified production, and affordable prices, Phan Nguyen conducted research and selected organic products in Europe with strict production processes and certification by reputable organizations to import to Vietnam.

Until now, Vietnamese people can easily buy organic products at many supermarket and store chains with the products that Phan Nguyen has distributed.

Phan Nguyen brings diversity to the organic industry
Based on the demand for organic products from Vietnamese consumers, Phan Nguyen has imported a variety of products. These include the following product lines:

Phan Nguyen can distribute food items such as nuts, grains, pasta, spices, and cooking ingredients.

Body care products
Includes products for mothers and babies, shower gel, body lotion, dental care products...

Home care products
Includes organic dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and multipurpose cleaner...

Phan Nguyen offers a wide variety of products

Products for mothers and babies

Phan Nguyen's products for mothers and babies include sanitary pads, tampons, nursing pads, and organic cotton makeup remover pads.

Each product is of the highest quality, imported directly from reputable manufacturers and certified organic by major organizations such as Ecocert, EU, AB, USDA, Nature Progres, ICEA, etc. As a result, in a short period of time, Phan Nguyen's distributors have expanded from North to South with over 500 partners. We strive to win customers over with the quality of our carefully selected products.

Phan Nguyen's commitment

Customer satisfaction is Phan Nguyen's success. Therefore, we value our commitments to our customers:

  • Ensure to bring the best organic products for health, with clear origin, source, and declaration.
  • All organic products are certified by reputable organizations worldwide.
  • Our products are not only good for human health but also ensure the development of the environment.
  • Always listen and absorb feedback from customers.

Cooperation with Phan Nguyen, you will receive maximum support.

Maximum support for distributors, especially for PR - Marketing activities such as: support for catalogs, flyers, standees, etc. according to Phan Nguyen's distributor programs. Sales support programs such as inviting customers to try out products, introducing distributors will be advertised alongside Phan Nguyen's distributor on media such as fan pages, websites, etc. Distributors participate in all promotional and sales boosting programs of Phan Nguyen. Phan Nguyen supports content creation and product images on fan pages for distributors.

Phan Nguyen will always play a pioneering role in importing and distributing quality organic products to Vietnam. With the desire to bring Vietnamese consumers the best products at a lower price and make it possible for everyone to buy good quality products.

Phan Nguyen also hopes that by bringing organic products to Vietnamese consumers, it will contribute to spreading green and sustainable living. At the same time, this also contributes to changing the community's perception of organic consumption habits and quality products. This not only creates a healthy generation but also a green and clean living environment.

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