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Phan Nguyen - A reputable distributor of imported organic food in Vietnam.


Phan Nguyen is a pioneering address for importing and distributing internationally certified organic food in Vietnam. With the desire to bring the best products for our customers' health, carefully chosen from our genuine commitment.

Currently, Phan Nguyen is distributing a wide range of imported organic food directly from France, certified by reputable organizations worldwide. We offer diverse options to meet the needs of customers from all regions in Vietnam. Our company is currently supplying various organic products to over 500 distributors nationwide, ranging from large to small-scale businesses.

The food products currently available at Phan Nguyen

Currently, Phan Nguyen is distributing a wide range of organic food products, primarily consisting of grains and wheat flour, as well as various dry or packaged goods that are not locally produced in Vietnam. Some of the featured products include:

The organic products distributed by Phan Nguyen are all certified by reputable international organizations.

- Organic corn flour
- Organic whole grain and all-purpose wheat flour blend
- Organic chickpeas
- Organic white quinoa
- Organic raw cane sugar
- Organic hulled pumpkin seeds
- Organic chia seeds
- Organic shelled almonds
- Organic hulled oats
- Organic peeled buckwheat
- Organic pitted black cherries
- Organic tube pasta, including whole wheat, spelt, and white varieties
- Organic fusilli pasta, including whole wheat, spelt, and white varieties
- Organic crunchy fruit muesli
- Organic flattened corn flakes
- Organic crunchy chocolate muesli
- Organic Thompson raisins
- Organic rolled oats
- Organic black sesame seeds
- Organic rolled spelt
- Organic golden and brown flaxseeds
- Organic spelled flakes
- Organic hulled sesame seeds
- Organic split peas
- Organic agave syrup
- Organic mixed seeds
- Organic mixed dried fruits
- Organic lentils
- Organic red lentils
- Organic chickpea flour
- Organic oat milk


All the above products are directly imported from the Markal brand in France.
In addition, there are almond milk varieties imported from the Lamandorle brand in France.
Phan Nguyen also distributes a variety of grain and rice-based milk products from Thailand with diverse flavors.
You can also purchase organic white rice noodles and organic spaghetti noodles from the Family Tree brand.
Phan Nguyen also offers organic rice products from Vietsuisse, which are produced directly in Vietnam.

Advantages of Phan Nguyen's organic products
The organic products distributed by Phan Nguyen have numerous advantages, such as:

A Phan Nguyễn's point-of-sale support program

- Every organic product of Phan Nguyễn undergoes a thorough review of its credibility and the certifications it has obtained. This ensures the quality of the products.
- Furthermore, the imported products are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of Vietnamese consumers.
- As a direct importer, Phan Nguyễn offers competitive prices compared to other distributors.
- All of these factors contribute to making it easier for Phan Nguyễn's distribution partners to sell the products.

Moreover, becoming a Phan Nguyễn distributor does not require meeting overly demanding requirements in terms of the quantity of imported goods. With an initial order of just 2 million VND, you can become a Phan Nguyễn distributor, enjoying high discounts and excellent sales support. If you achieve high sales, there are also reward policies from the company.

Organic food and the organic consumption trend are becoming essential in the years to come. If you want to do business with high-quality organic products, contact Phan Nguyễn immediately to receive great support and benefits.

We are looking forward to collaborating with distributors and customers. Phan Nguyễn will accompany your success.

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- HCMC Office: 7B/8 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
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